The Cards

Each of the three games we produce provide different opportunities to learn about foods. What you'll learn from each: 

Food Connect -

  • How certain foods are grown/ produced
  • Which vitamin or mineral will help you reach the recommended daily allowance from each food.

Food Friends -

  • Which foods belong in the different food groups
  • How a balanced diet includes a variety of different food groups. 

Food Fighters - 

  • The Nutrient breakdown of each food per 100g (carbohydrate, protein, fat and sugar)
  • The calorie content of each food per 100g
  • A myth buster (Truth or False question) relating to each food.

Our age recommendations for each game are 3+ for Food Connect and 4+ for both Food Friends and Food Fighters.

The games work really well being played chronologically in order.

  1. Food Connect
  2. Food Friends
  3. Food Fighters

Whilst we emphasise the cards being educational we also wanted to make sure the games are still fun. We believe that children will learn better if they are enjoying themselves and engaging.

The games have been developed to allow ambiguity to the person/people playing them whether it be children, parents or teachers.

We want to encourage open conversations about Health and Nutrition by providing the facts.